Tuesday, January 5, 2010

dis men sef...

Pls someone explain to me wat exactly it is about hitting ur mid twenties that brings on the "marriage inquisition"?????Its like a neon sign lights up on ur head and every one you meet (hmmm..married or not) take it upon themselves to interrogate u on ur single status...It usually starts with..."eh, so whose the guy/bobo/chairman?" and of cos, if ur like me to avoid unneccesary qtns u say..."he dey." or u make up some random gist like he travelled or smthing, but u just know that wont stop them cos the next qtn is most predictably, "so, when are we hearing wedding bells, getting ivs??? "cos u just know they have vested interests in ur getting married(?) or if ur "foolish" enough to say "am single" then come d fireworks..."at ur age? "(50?) "ur not getting any younger" (50? did i mention how thotful and sensitive that is by the way?) and of cos, my personal favourite..."u need to be in a man's house b4 ur 30" and "every woman should be married before 30" and they cant possibly understand ur drive or wanting to build ur career.They are those with the sweetest intention who just want the happiness for u that they have themselves...ma chics, u know who you are...LOL
Am guessing this memo wasnt circulated to the men as well, cos the typical "suitors" we meet are

(a)young and just looking for u know nah...

(b)married and definitely looking for...

(c)self proclaimed commitment phobic bachelors who lead on unsuspecting girls to believe they will be the one to land the BIG FISH...

(d) the ones who see u as a big $ sign

(e)young, doing very well and has absolutely no idea what he wants...

(f)the good looking brother who knows hes fine and wont let u or every other girl in a ten mile radius forget it

(g)the nice guys with no ambition whatsoever

(i)and of cos we wont forget d wife/gf beaters and control freaks

I mean...am i so naive to want to wait for the love of my life?...LMAO but really, is romance officially dead?


  1. Lol tessy just showin love on your blog..Oya start followin my own. eche-crates.blogspot.com..
    Umm u there are awesome men out there o.

  2. Personally, I'd like to know if you'd prefer to marry before or after 30 (if you met the love of your life).
    If yes; then people's reactions are normal.
    If no; then your mentality is working for you already!!